Fee Schedule

New patient full medical evaluation, consultation and treatment $100

  • New patient evaluation, or patient that has not

    been seen for more than 2 years

  • Fee may be reduced for simple situations as

    determined by Practitioner

Standard consultation and treatment $80

Standard ongoing consultation and treatment (acupuncture related)

Herbal consultation followup $40

Herb only evaluation for refill of ongoing prescription herbal medicine

Short visit followup treatment $40

  • High frequency muscular-skeletal acupuncture treatments only

  • Rate of greater than 6 treatments per month

Addiction auricular treatment $10

stop smoking, drugs, emotional balance

Phone/email consultation $10

does not apply to treatment followup

Common cold/infection herbal evaluation (existing patient) $20 (walk in patient*) $40

Common cold acupuncture treatment (existing patient) $40 (walk in patient*) $60

*new patient fee will apply to future visit

Herbs (by prescription only)

Pill formulations (vary in price)
Bulk herb formulation (sold by weight)

Cooking and extraction service $20

Shipping and handling $7

Up to 6 pill bottles
other shipping charged by cost