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The Practical Herbalist

Flu Fighter

As the fear of flu season approaches, many herbalists are stocking up on one particular formula. The formula is Chuan xin lian, a very simple herbal mix that is very powerful in helping the body fight off viral infections. There are many herbal formulas for dealing with various types of infections. They are often very specific and diagnosis and prescription is very specific. Chuan xin lian is very strong, and very broad spectrum and is particularly focused on infections of the lung. Because of these reasons Chuan xin lian is a very useful general use formula

Chuan xin lian is named after the main herb Chuan xin lian/Andrographis. It is balanced with two other strong antiviral herbs dandelion and indigo. Herbs that fight fever and infection are noted by their bitter flavors. Chuan xin lian is very, very bitter. This is why it was identified as a useful herb. The formula is available in pill form and is often purchased with a sugar coating. The uncoated tablets have a reputation of being so bitter that patients can't actually swallow the pills because of the horrible taste. It is this intense bitter flavor that is desired for fighting infections.

As flu season approaches, more herbalists will be keeping a watch on their supply of this and other valuable formulas, both for their patients and to keep themselves well as sick patients enter their clinics. While general in use, It should be remembered that Chuan xin lian is a powerful medicine, and should not be taken without consideration of the specifics of the patient, and the signs and symptoms presented by the patient. It is not an immune system enhancer to be taken prophylactically. Any herbal formula, like any medicine has the potential to cause problems. Always check with a nationally certified herbalist before taking any herbal medicine.

David Bock

This article was from David's LakeCountryOnline.com column, "The Practical Herbalist"

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