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Community Lectures

Community Lectures are provided on a regular basis both at this office and around the community, as a service to help people understand and learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine. For more information about getting a lecture scheduled for your group, or to attend a lecture at this location pleasesend an e-mail request

Current Lecture Topics

Herbal Potions Class- Free- All ages

Stories and demonstrations of herbs from history and pop culture. Special for Halloween, topics to include the herbs of the Harry Potter books, as well as herbs from witch lore and the bible.


at Bock Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Seating limited- reservations encouraged


Menopause, Control of menopausal symptoms with the use of food and herbs.

Learn about traditional herbal concepts in regards to pre menopause and menopause. This class will focus on understanding how foods and spices affect you, and what herbal medicine can and can't do in regards to this change in life as well as get practical advice on how to keep the symptoms under control. See the articles here for more information.

at Bock Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine



Monthly Cycle Wellness

Traditional methods of living better with your menstrual cycle. This class is geared to women of all ages. It will cover traditional techniques that will help you regulate your cycles, relieve cramps, PMS, migraines, and heavy bleeding. Fertility and the transitions into menopause will also be covered. Teens who want to learn more about the regulation of their cycles without the use of drugs are especially encouraged to attend. The class will focus on food and acupressure techniques as well as the wisdom of the ancient medical systems of why these techniques work.

at Bock Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine



Pediatric Ear Infections

Understanding and curing ear infections using food and herbs. Ear infections can be an ongoing chronic problem in some children. Learn about the traditional herbal concepts behind this condition and how and why certain foods can be a help. Understanding the how and whys of ear infections can help the parent understand how to rid their child of ear infections.

at Bock Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine



Boost Immunity to beat the cold and flu

Learn how to stay healthy this winter. Understand the factors that affect how likely you are to catch a cold or flu, how to strengthen yourself and how to get rid of a cold fast if you do catch one.


at Bock Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine



Eating Healthy to Lose Weight

Traditional Chinese medicine has a different way of looking at nutrition and how foods affect us. This class is not about dieting, but rather understanding how foods affect you and how little changes in what you eat can make a big difference in how you feel. See the articles for more information.

at Bock Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine



PaddleBoard Meditate Breathe and Balance

A quiet Sunday morning class teaching meditative breathing and movement techniques drawn from martial and Asian traditions, taught on a paddleboard. Class location is Oconomowoc City Beach


Class registration and information found at Abundant Joy Yoga And Wellness


Hospital Trends in Herbal Medicine- free

Hospitals are starting to hire certified herbalists to prescribe herbal medicines as part of modern medical treatment. learn more about this trend and what it means for health care.



at Bock Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Kitchen Medicines- spice rack medicines and how to use them- FREE

Simple at home treatments for common problems using foods and spices. Chinese medicine has a long folk medicine component. Learn about how to use various kitchen spices as medicine. Learn why they work, and how to be prepared for common injuries and illness.


 at Bock Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine


Cancer and Herbal Medicine-  Free

Many herbal "cures" are marketed to cancer patients. Learn about what herbs can and can't do in regards to cancer, and how to make informed decisions about herbal use.
Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine is being used in the Cancer centers of hospitals across the country and the world. This lecture is about how to properly use herbs in regards to cancer.

Medical professionals, cancer patients and their families are encouraged to attend.

At Bock Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine


An Introduction to Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

A fun and simple explanation of how TCM looks at the functioning of the human body. This lecture is provided as a way of educating the public and the medical community* about the medicine behind acupuncture, herbal medicine, and how it differs from biomedical medicine, as well as other traditional medical systems.

TBA at Bock Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (free)


*A special version of this class is available for medical professionals which includes drug and herb interactions, safety concerns, and concepts of integrative medicine.



(can be scheduled for interested groups at the clinic- contact for more information)


How to press and massage points on the body to relieve common ailments. Learn the basic concepts of acupuncture and how pressing on various points on the body can help you feel better. This class will focus on headaches, digestive issues, various pains and breathing issues. Time will be given to specific concerns of participants. Class participants should wear loose comfortable clothing.

TBA Hartland Park & Recreation

TBA Good Harvest market

Ask The Herbalist

A chance to learn about the medicine behind herbal medicine. This class will be focused on helping people understand herbal diagnostic principles and how to separate the marketing hype from the proper use of herbs. This will be an open discussion based on the questions of the class participants* and is offered as a way to help people make informed choices about their herbal use.

*A special version of this class is available for medical professionals which includes drug and herb interactions, safety concerns, and concepts of integrative medicine.

TBAHartland Park & Recreation

Self Defense Class

The most important weapon any person has is their brain. This class is about training a person to think about self defense, understand attacks and understand how to escape from bad situations. This class will be in a workshop format and will vary depending on the needs of the participants. This class will address rape and other adult topics. Teens are encouraged to attend with parental consent. Parents will learn techniques that they can teach to their children in an age appropriate manner.

This is a hands on class with a lot of role play and physical contact. Participants are REQUIRED to sign up with a training partner. Those without a training partner will not be allowed to participate. It is suggested that participants wear loose, durable clothing (tshirts and sweats) and assume that those clothes may be stretched and or damaged.

Class scheduled on demand- get a group together and call 262-567-1309 to schedule

TBA at Abundant Joy Yoga and Wellness $15at the door, register online

Infertility: Natural Answers

This lecture and discussion will be on how Traditional Chinese medicine views the very complicated system of human reproduction and the dynamics that can lead to infertility. David Bock has successfully helped many couples overcome infertility. He has extensive training in how to work with couples and the fertility specialists to maximize the success of various forms of infertility treatment.

Meditative breathing techniques

Traditional Japanese breathing meditation is a fast and easy technique for clearing the mind and helping you relax. The techniques are simple to learn and can be used as needed to help you deal with stress in your life. Wear comfortable clothes. Open to interested people of any age.

TBA Good Harvest Market


Martial breathing and focus techniques

This class is a quick training in various breathing and mental focus training exercises from the martial arts. Specifically geared for the business professional or anyone who wants to find ways to train focus and clarity to help them in their daily lives.


The Healing Power of Tea

Tea Lovers Unite!! Learn the history, mythology, and medicinal uses of our favorite daily drink. This lecture is a steaming cup of useful, as well as trivial information, about Camellia sinensis.


Thinking Differently About Your Health, Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine

This class is for medical professionals and the public who want a greater understanding of Traditional Chinese medicine. In a world full of marketing messages and conflicting science about health and wellness, it is often easy to get lost in an information overload. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) provides structure and strategies for healing and staying healthy. This lecture series will explore not only the ancient wisdom of TCM, but also how the tools of acupuncture/acupressure, herbal medicine, food and exercise, can be rationally applied in our modern society. A particular focus will be separating hype from science, and how health information needs to be customized to the individual. Topics covered will include supplement safety, eating healthy, women's issues, pain, obesity, pediatrics, cancer, emotional health and much more.


Special Lectures

Several special educational lectures have been done for specific groups, Children, Sjogrens Syndrome, Polycystic Kidney disease, to name a few. If you have a special group and want to learn what Traditional Chinese Medicine has to say about the situation. Contact us about special lecture options.

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