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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

We all know that foods have an affect on how we feel. Chinese herbal medicine is a systematic way of utilizing extreme foods to adjust how the body functions and ultimately how a person feels. Traditionally this was done by utilizing the treatment strategy based on the herbal diagnosis to custom mix herbs and foods to be used by the patient. The herbs were mixed in a formula to balance the functions of the herbs and maximize the effectiveness and minimize any side effects. This is different from herbal supplementation where herbs are often used singly and there is no determination as to whether the herbs are appropriate to that specific patient.
Herbs may be utilized internally as a tang or soup, medicinal wine, or externally as various topical plasters and liniments. In our modern day we rely more on traditional teapills and commercially prepared topical preparations.

For more information on herbs, follow these links, or go to the articles page for information on specific herbs and herbal medicine concepts.

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