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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Oriental Bodywork Therapies

Traditional Oriental medicine recognized that physical manipulation of the body could relieve pain and help the body function better and heal. There are many types of massage and non-acupuncture modalities that are utilized in the practice of Oriental Medicine. These are some of the techniques commonly employed at Hartland Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine;

Acupressure — The pressing on various points of the body to adjust the function of the body related to that point.

Tui na, Kiatsu no ho — These are names of specific styles of massage, specific to moving energy in specific ways in the body.

Cupping — The application of a glass cup to the skin via a vacuum, to pull on a particular muscle or point. Commonly used for fever, and tight knotted shoulder and neck muscles.

Gua Sha — a technique involving the scraping of the skin with a smooth edge tool, usually on a patient’s back, to release energy. Often used in acute respiratory conditions, as well as back pain and headaches.

Plum blossom — the stimulation of various parts of the body with a small hairbrush-like tool. Often used in treatment of paralysis, numbness and other musculoskeletal conditions.

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