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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Diagnosis and Lifestyle modifications

Unlike Biomedical medicine that looks to fix the body, traditional medical systems focus on the function of the body and healing. Treatments first start with a diagnostic process to help the patient understand the dynamics in their own body that creates the condition they are concerned about. Once there is an understanding of the cause and effect relationships that go on in a particular individual, then a treatment strategy can be formulated. That strategy is based on what makes sense for that patient.

The diagnosis provides a structure from which the patient can understand what needs to change to help the body. Only then can acupuncture, Chinese Herbal medicine and other tools be utilized. Herbs for instance, are simply extreme foods. By selectively modifying the selection of foods in the diet, or through the prescription of various herbal formulas, the functioning of the body can be changed in a positive way. Likewise foods and specific types of exercises, or lifestyle choices can be adjusted to specifically to support acupuncture and other treatments. This improves success rates by getting the patient involved in the healing process.

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