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Insurance and HMO information

Acupuncture and related medical services are generally not covered by insurance or medicare here in Wisconsin. Coverage is mandated in other states. Some insurance companies are starting to cover these medical services. The coverage is inconsistent and depends on the insurance company, where it is located and specifics of your policy. It is not cost effective for Bock Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (BAHM) to provide insurance billing services for the limited number of people who qualify for reimbursement.

All patients are encouraged to call their insurance company;

Inquire about acupuncture coverage.

Ask about specifics of coverage, what is and is not covered, get details.

Ask how a patient can file for reimbursement.

Ask what forms, codes and practitioner information is needed.

After you know what the insurance company needs, BAHM can provide you with the information you need to file for reimbursement.

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