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Acupressure Training for Pregnancy

Acupuncture has a long history of use in helping women regulate the changes that occur during pregnancy and labor. Acupuncture and the related technique of acupressure are very useful in treating nausea, pain, emotional swings, fatigue, breech presentation, and helping labor progress smoothly. Private training in acupressure techniques for use in pregnancy is available for pregnant women and their birth partners. This training can provide a way for couples to work together more closely in the joyous goal of bringing a new life into this world. Please call the office for more information about this valuable training.

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David Bock, C. Ac., Dipl. OM, FABORM
Wisconsin Certified Acupuncturist
National Board Certification in Oriental Medicine
Fellow American Board Of Oriental Reproductive Medicine

Bock Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
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